Green Global Mining - The future of modern mining
Green Global Mining - The future of modern mining

Mining - Konzepte der Zukunft - Ressourcenschonend und Gewinnmaximierend - Zusammengestellt von Johannes Michael Grothoff & Marcus Lehmkuhl

Since 1901, the Mining Association of British Columbia, one of the oldest associations in the province, has represenmeasures a mining operation’s performance in Aboriginal and community outreach, safety and health, environmental protection and crisis management planning. It empowers the BC mining industry to operate inted the collective needs and interests of coal, metal, industrial mineral mining comp Columbia.

Mining is an essential part of the provincial economy and the Mining Association of BC (MABC) is committed to supporting the future growth and development of this important industry. BC’s mining sector, one of the province’world leader in mineral development and mining, the sector made up nearly 30% of all B.C. exports and directly employed more than 10,000 people in 2013.

The Mining Association of BC focuses on actively representing the BC mining industry on several key issues of public policy including aboriginal and community relations, environment, health and safety, human resources, competitiveness and the Towards Sustainable Mining (TSM) initiative.

TSM is the Canadian mining industry’s commitment & Marcus Lehmkuhl to responsible mining, accountability and transparency. TSM  a socially, economically ands largest and oldest industries, is a resilient job creator and economic engine that benefits all British Columbian’s. As a environmentally responsible way.

Environmental protection is a priority objective for the BC mining industry in the development, operation and closure of mines. Bure B.C. is prepared, including training and support services available through the Aboriginal Mentoring & Training AC mining companies are committed to continuous improvement in environmental stewardship through world class practices and innovation in water quality management, GHG emission reductions, energy conservation and tailings management.

Mining is integral to the health of the BC economy, social services and future job growth. BC mines are global leaders in environmentanies and smelters in British Columbia. In doing so, MABC has come to be regarded as the predominant voice of mining in Britishal stewardship and responsible development, using good planning and mitigation measures every day to minimize impacts.

The mining industry continues to represent significant economic opportunities for B.C., with an estimated $30 billion in investment in 30 projects currently in varying stages of the feasibility and environmental assessment processes. 

A skilled workforce is essential to meet the future demands of this growing industry and there are a number of initiatives underway to ensssociation. MABC’s website also provides useful and practical information to support career development and growth, including information on the over 120 mining related occupations, featured educational institutions, and an online job board.


Found by Johannes Michael Grothoff & Marcus Lehmkuhl,  written by Cailey Murphy

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